my fight with photography

These photographs are not entirely my own work. My camera played a large part. And all the countless people who made the technology of photography possible. And all the visual artists whose work I've admired. Not to mention my long-time abstract antagonist, photography itself. However, where image ownership is concerned, these are mine. I'm happy for you to reblog, but please keep my credit and captions intact.


I started posting again on tumblr a bit more than two weeks ago, and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for welcoming me back. I’m very happy about the many reblogs. Thanks to

Hammadi Chakouath Photography

fragments of broken dreams …

Lux Lit


My scaled-down Likes

stop time

and to telescopical many times over.

My apologies if I’ve missed out some there. I’m really very grateful for all the likes, reblogs, comments, and messages, to all who follow my postings, and to all the photographers who send, every day and every hour, such amazing and inspiring work across my dash.

And a special thank you to Ned and to Jules for their support.

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